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Who we are

The Islamic Family Foundation (IFF) strives towards promoting, strengthening, and encouraging an ideal family for overall happiness of humanity.

  • Brief History

    Islamic Family Foundation (IFF) commenced its activities in 1991 and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a humanitarian, Non-political and Non-governmental organization in 2004. The organization was established in 1991 and it has its office based in Abuja.

  • Capacity Statement

    IFF Abuja is engaged in holistic counselling for Islamic families in Abuja. Since inception in 1991, the organization has offered guidance counselling services to students, youth in secondary and tertiary institutions, intending couples, married couples, and widows. In addition IFF offers counseling on managing the family, It also involve in organizing regular meetings with individual families and community groups to provide spiritual guidance and offer prayers in order to ensure that each family attains full happiness. Initially, IFF offered its services to only 4 families, currently, IFF has expanded and is working with 30 different families and their extended relatives for regular meeting and counseling, providing care and support, offering financial assistance in the area of education for orphans, and payment of medical bills for sick children and indigents Muslims. The availability of Information Technology: Mobile Phone have made it possible to reach substantial number of families in general and Muslim families in particular. The internet facility is the next focus.

  • Vision

    An admirable skilled Islamic Family

    To grow IFF into a global Organisation with Global Successes and Values

  • Mission

    The mission of the organization is towards a sustainable and holistic Islamic Family development

  • Aims and Objectives

    To promote, strengthen, and encourage an ideal family for overall happiness of humanity.

    To ensure that Islamic Families in Nigeria attain their full potentials as commanded by Almighty Allah in the Holy Qur'an.

    To provide high quality counselling education for the righteous development of Islamic families, the nation and humanity at large.

    To provide social welfare services for disadvantaged individuals, and orphans in the society

    To create mass awareness on health care delivery services available especially at the grassroots level e.g. health and health related issues.

    To Network with organisations of like aims and objectives

  • Core Value

    Sustainable Family Life

  • Funding - Our funding sources

    Monthly contribution- The foundation gets its funding through the monthly contribution of the working group among its family members. Individuals voluntarily indicate how much it can afford to give on monthly basis.

    Levies - Any project or events that is not up to N1.0 million (one million Naira) mark is levied among working members.

    Donations - IFF enjoy goodwill from individual friends and organizations who voluntarily donates from time to time.

    Volunteering - Individuals do volunteers its time, material and self towards the attainment of the set goals.

  • Adverts

    You are free to advertise any product that is halal ranging from

    Books, herbs, health related

    Male and Female Dresses that enhance human dignity

Board of Trustees
Mallam Musa Daud
Hajia Raliah Akinbobola
Barrister Khadijah Ahmed
Hajia Sanusi O. k
Board of Directors
Dr Abubakar G - Veterinary Medicine
Musa Suleiman Gombe - Media Consultant
Alhaji Sanusi R - Statistician General
Oyeleke R - Agro Economist
Mallam Musa Daud - Soil Engineer
Barrister Khadijah Ahamed - Solicitor and Advocator
Hajia Musa Daud. O. K
Hajia Fati Shuaib - Nursing Officer
Hajia Oyeleke -Educationist

Board of Management
Secretariat -Executives comprising The Coordinator, Head Finance, Head Admin
Mission Board: Care for the spiritual wellbeing of members
Finance - Ensure fund generation and disbursement
Media -In charge of publicity and publication
Youth Development - Generating programmes and events that enhances sound youth development
Programme - Developmental Programmes and Projects for the Foundation
Welfare Committees - Assessment and presentation of indigent students and families for the foundation benefit