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  • Past Activities
    1991 - 2006

    Presenter of Light of Islam on NTA-Abuja

    Raising topical issues relating to the family and society with specific reference to Islam while a resource person will be on hand to treat the issues thrown up

    1991 - Till date

    Producer/Presenter of Ramadan talk on Radio

    For the duration of the Month-long fasting of Ramadan, IFF is expected to source for material, funding and presentation of diverse topics towards the enlistment of individual listeners in terms of moral and spiritual rejuvenation.

    Media Consultants

    Offering consultancy services to the media (both electronic and printing) in moments when stability is required in the society. NTA, Ait, ITV, Radio: Kapital F.M, Aso Radio etc

    Programmer for Children

    Stating in real terms what activity is to feature in events purposely organized for Muslim children during major festivals like Eid el Fitri and Eid el Kabir

    Vacation Courses for students

    During vacations IFF do gather students together for a period of 1-2 weeks in a manner reminiscent of school environment but this time reviewing their subjects particularly Mathematics , English , Religious studies , Confidence building and Guidance & Counseling

    Participation on widely advertised and popular programme Radio Link

    With More than 12-{eight} episodes till date), IFF with any other one or 2 resource persons on invitation by Federal Radio Cooperation of Nigeria (FRCN) have enlighten the public on such issues as: Role of religion towards the attainment of peace in the society; Essence of Fasting in Ramadan; Bringing solace to the Victims of the 2005 Plane crash in Ogun State among others.


    Resource person at Catholic Seminary

    The Catholic Arch Bishop of Abuja (Archbishop John Onaiyekan) after a discussion on Radio Link programme invited IFF to their seminary in Gwagwalada to talk on the Role of Islamic Religion in Politics


    Resource person at Catholic Seminary

    The role that the Faith based organization could play to stem the tide of the spread of HIV/AIDS, the removal & reduction of stigma and OVC strategies


    HIV/AIDS awareness programme for Imams organized by FOMWAN IN Collaboration with USAID

    IFF was invited as one of the participant at federation of Muslim Women (FOMWAN) organized course for the Imams and Islamic scholars towards sensitizing them on the reality of HIV\AIDS existence and what the Imams and the Scholars could do to let the Ummah be more aware of it and be cautioned.

    1992 - 2004

    Presentation of Admonitions on Fridays at the Jumaat Mosque (IYL-Mosque, area 1, Garki, Abuja)

    On Fridays during the Jumaat Services, I do give admonitions on issues of interest to the congregation with emphasis on talks that could steer them away from satanic influences and redirecting them towards a nobler goal in life.


    Deliverance of Sallah Messages on NTA Abuja

    A clear message during Sallah occasions calling the Islamic faithful to order as to how to behave during and after the Sallah and enlightening the viewers toward a better understanding of Islam as a way of life.

    1991 - Till Date

    Weekly counselling on Islam and Family Life

    Regular weekly activity where talk on moral reawakening is giving and guidance in the light of Islam is offered to both HIV\AIDS infected and affected Homes

    2004 - 2005

    Training courses

    Capacity building -a 2-man training course in staff and organizational development by Primer Medical Consultants

    2004 - 2005

    Organizing Guidance and Counselling for Secondary Schools within the FCT

    A 2-day career and counselling talk to the students during the school hours in relation to the purpose they were in the school, talk on goal setting and being focused is giving on yearly bases to selected schools, 1-each from an Area Council.

  • Present Activities
    Fridays 9.30 - 10.00 a.m

    Live Radio programme "Essence of Life" every Friday on Kapital F.M 92.9

    Live Radio programme "Essence of Life" every Friday on Kapital F.M 92.9 between the hour of 9.30 - 10.00 a.m where the Religion is presented to the Listeners in a manner that he / she could relate to and embraced

    Sundays 10 a.m

    Weekly Family meetings on Sundays

    Weekly Family meetings on Sundays where Quran and Ahadith is used to address family and social issues

  • Future Programmes

    To Organise Poverty Alleviation Programme For Widows

    Teenage mentoring against unwanted pregnancy / delinquency

    Quran Memorisation Centre

    Building a Comprehensive Center for Dawah

    Acquire piece of Land, Design the architecture, Produce Engineering Design and Submission to authority for approval