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To order any of our products call these numbers 08033175075, 08059649496

Prayer Books
It contains some selected portions from the Qur'an that anyone can use in moments of needs and the use of the family
Annual Hijrah Calendars
The Publication of the Calendar is to aid the Muslims in understanding the Hijrah dates vis-a-vis the Gregorian dates
Publications on "Essence of Life" on Kapital F.M 92.9
The general public always ask for the hard copy of what is presented life and so the need to ensure that the message gets to all and for keeps
Esona SC
A Sickle Cell Honey based Remedy that prevent sickling even when the affected is undergoing medical treatment and after. It assist in ensuring that when taking ill, the sufferers can be treated as out-patient rather than the usual lying-in in the ward for days